Techniques for taking photos of food with your mobile phone that look good.

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Nowadays, taking photos of delicious dishes and share on social media It has become a hobby for many people, and the device for taking pictures and sharing cannot be anything other than your trusty smartphone. However, many people may feel that the food photos they take are too much. It doesn’t look as beautiful and appetizing as the real thing that is placed on the table. And it doesn’t attract the eye at all. But don’t be discouraged just yet. We have basic techniques for taking food photos with a mobile phone. Let everyone try to use it.

Techniques for taking photos.

Shoot from above.

Shooting from above at a 90 degree angle helps emphasize the colors and shapes of the food. If you can find a location to take photos. Change the aspect ratio to 1:1 to see all the details of the food. Looks delicious Be careful about shadows if you’re shooting in places that don’t have natural light.

Take photos using a beautiful background or props

Using the background that are brightly colored or decorated with props It will help the food photos look more appetizing. But try not to let the background or props you use stand out with too many bright colors. Because it might steal the scene of the food we want to shoot and cause our food to blend into the background. Take photos using people’s poses.

Adding gestures such as pouring, cutting, holding, pouring, or cutting food. It will increase your appetite. and stories of food Taking pictures while cooking It allows us to really see the cooking process. Add life and drama to your photos.

Take photos with a clear face and a blurry background.

If we take photos of food showing the entire plate, We should photograph the details of the entire dish clearly. This is because many people may be addicted to Portrait photography where the face is clear and the background is blurred. The more you dissolve the background, the more beautiful it will look.

Take Close Up Photos of Food.

Zooming in to show food or ingredients clearly Make food look attractive If you use a camera to take close photo It will make you look unattractive. This may cause the edge of the plate to appear larger than the food or ingredient that we want to highlight. It is recommended to use a spaced-out method of taking food. Then use the zoom method instead. It will make the picture look better.