Serum and cream How are they different. What should I put facial skin on before and after.

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Facial skin care is very important in our daily life. Because facial skin is an important part that must be protected and kept healthy. But many people have problems choosing products such as creams and serums that are also products for facial skin care. But they are different. We will talk about the differences between serum and skin cream. Including how to use and recommend products suitable for everyone’s facial skin as well.

What are the differences between skin creams and serums.

Skin care cream

It is mixing oil with water that has the ability to add moisture to our skin especially. But it doesn’t mean that mixing these two things makes it a cream. There are also many other components. But the heavy thing is oil and water. That’s why when we apply cream That’s why our skin gets sticky. Slowly absorbed into the skin The cream will help in moisturizing the skin. Can retain moisture in the skin for a long time. But it doesn’t absorb into the inner skin. Therefore results are seen more slowly than serum. and has a cheaper price The cream is therefore best suited for people with normal and dry skin. Not suitable for people with oily skin because people with normal oily skin already produce oil.

  • Suitable for beautiful, healthy skin already. No problem with oily skin. Focus on ทางเข้า ufabet nourishing the skin and moisturizing the skin. Nourish your skin to be bright. But don’t focus on the time period that you have to see results quickly and at an affordable price.

Skin care serum

It is a product that is designed to have small molecules. and has a higher concentration than cream But it has a lighter space. Nutrients therefore absorb quickly into the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin structure. In addition, the Active Ingredients are higher than creams. Therefore causing the users of the serum to have a clear change in their skin. When comparing the same amount of time with cream, for example, 1 drop of Vitamin C Serum may have the same % Vitamin C as lotion that you pour onto 1 full palm. Knowing this, it is not surprising why serums are more expensive than creams. Even if it’s just a small amount.

  • Emphasis on seeing results quickly, wanting to nourish the skin to be radiant and hydrated. The concentration of Active Ingredients is higher than the cream, but the moisturizing effect may be less than the cream and the price is more expensive.

After washing your face is finished. You should start with serum before using cream. Because the serum texture is lighter and absorbs into the skin better. After that, gradually apply cream to increase moisture and lock in moisture for the skin for a longer time.